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Why choose RAH Hosting for Domains?

With each domain registration, we'll give you a set of free tools and services to help you get the most out of everything a domain name has to offer.

Easy Administration of Domain Names

Domain forwarding, DNS record editing, and other features are all conveniently located in a single area of our control panel. In the event that you encounter any difficulties, our support staff is available at all hours.

Domain ID Protection

Keeping your personal information private. Using our Domain ID Protection add-on, you can guard yourself against online con artists and spammers. The masking of your publicly visible registrant contact information helps to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.

Free Subdomains

You need a lot of subdomains for your website, don't you? No worries. Shared, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated hosting all come with UNLIMITED subdomains.

Frequently Asked Questions

You enquire, we respond! The most frequent queries about our Domains are listed below!

A Domain Name, which is also known as the name of a website, is a collection of letters, numbers, and a few other special symbols that is defined by the user. The created string's primary function is to act as an address that is simple to remember and which points to an online resource, such as a webpage, for instance. This is the string's primary purpose.

Internet users are provided with simplified access to any information, media, or services that may be found on the World Wide Web when they make use of a domain name in a variety of software applications, such as web browsers.

A domain name will often consist of two levels: the top level, or top level domain, and the second level, or second level domain. For illustration purposes, the suffix ".com" serves as the Top-Level Domain in the domain name, whereas "RAH Hosting" serves as the Second-Level Domain. The Top Level Domain is also referred to as the Domain Extension, and its format can shift according to the requirements of the individual who owns the domain.

When the Internet was first created, users gained access to websites by inputting the IP address of the server on which the website was being housed. This practise is still used today. A resource that is accessible over the World Wide Web is given a physical address known as an IP address. This physical address is comprised of four classes or blocks of three-digit digits, which are together referred to as the classes. is an example of an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Therefore, in order to access each website, users were required to not only memorise the IP address but also key it in manually each time they wanted to use that website. Quite inconvenient, isn't it? Consequently, in order to make it simpler to recall the addresses of websites, a new kind of web address known as a domain name has been established. A domain name may be effortlessly mapped to a website thanks to the combined strength of the Domain Name System (DNS) service and the Web Server. This enables an Internet browser to display a genuine website when the domain name is typed into the address bar of the browser.


Yes! There is a large supply of domain names, and practically anyone who has access to the Internet and a few dollars in their bank account can register a domain name for their website. Due to the complexity of the registration process, it is customary for it to be automated; however, the following is a broad overview of the Domain Registration Workflow:

Registrars such as are responsible for the process of registering domain names. After we have been given an order for the registration of a Domain Name, we will immediately contact our Registry in order to place an order for the registration of the domain name that has been provided by our customer, along with any other information regarding the domain that is required by the Registry. As soon as the Registry gives its approval to the registration, the customer who acquired the registration from us becomes ownership of the domain name.


That portion of a domain name that demonstrates how the domain name relates to a real domain (area) of knowledge is referred to as the domain extension or top-level domain (TLD). Another word for a TLD is domain extension. In most cases, it comes immediately after the Second-Level Domain or after the last "." (dot) in the string that makes up the Domain Name.

For instance, the ".com" portion of the domain name is the Top Level Domain, and it denotes the connection that exists between our offerings and the Commercial (.com) sector of knowledge.

One more excellent illustration is The top-level domain, also known as the domain extension, is ".in" in this instance, which demonstrates that the domain is associated with India.

Our customers have the ability to register any of the more than 600 different domain extensions that RAH Hosting provides. However, there are several top-level domains, also known as domain extensions, that have very particular requirements that must be met by the registrar.


The standards for the Second Level Domain, which is user-defined, are extremely lax. These requirements include the domain name itself or being technically accurate. The number of characters that make up a domain name can range anywhere from four to sixty-three, as this is a standard criterion.

Before registering a Domain Name, each individual must ensure that they are in compliance with the prerequisites, which might change depending on the Top Level Domain, which is also referred to as the Domain Extension. In order for our clients to be completely informed of the requirements for the Domain Extension that they are planning to register, we strongly suggest that they look at the page that is dedicated to that Domain Extension.


On this topic, one can offer a great deal of guidance in the form of rules and suggestions, but the following are among the most crucial ones:

Avoid Registering Excessively Long Domain Names Even if the maximum number of characters that can be used in a domain name is 63, this does not mean that you are required to register the longest domain name available. In point of fact, it is always preferable to register short domain names that are easy to remember as opposed to registering long domain

Repetition of letters - The majority of the time, a domain name will consist of two, three, or even four different words. When someone types your domain name, they won't be able to confuse it with another one if you take the time to ensure that there are no duplication letters between the words. The domain is an illustration of a poor domain name.

Dashes, dashes, and more dashes: You should never use dashes as a separator.


When you register more than one domain name for a single website, you are actually registering the same Domain Name with a different extension for each of the additional domain names. For instance, you may register, but you can also register,, and even domains that are exclusive to certain countries, such as and, among others. The primary objective of registering as many alternative Domain Names as is humanly possible is to reduce the likelihood of someone else carrying out the aforementioned action with your primary Domain. For instance, if one client registers the domain name, then another customer can register the domain name and host a separate website under that domain, or even a website that looks very similar to the original business but pretends to be it.


Transferring a Domain Name to RAH Hosting is not required, and we would never insist that our customers do so if they do not want to. However, by doing so, they will simplify the process of Domain Management because the domain name will be maintained from the same Client Area control panel as the Web Hosting Package that was purchased. In addition, once the domain has been switched over to us, we will renew each domain for an additional year in advance. Even if the domain is on the list of supported free domains, it will still be renewed for free together with the Web Hosting Service when it is transferred over to us.


After the process of transferring a domain name has been started, the completion of the process could take anywhere from one to seven business days. Naturally, the transfer is finished within two days in the vast majority of cases; nevertheless, there are some unusual circumstances in which the transfer could be delayed based on the negotiation that takes place between domain Registrars. When a domain transfer is finished, the status of the domain name in your client area will change to "Active" from "Pending Transfer." In that case, it will have the status of "Pending Transfer."


The fees associated with the upkeep of your domain name are determined, in part, by the Top Level Domain or the Extension of your domain. A customer who registers a domain name with RAH Hosting will typically be required to pay a registration service fee. The amount of this fee is determined by several factors, including the Top Level Domain, the length of time for which the Domain Name is being registered, and, lastly, whether or not the Domain Name is participating in an ongoing promotion. Next, when the expiration date of the domain is getting close, we will issue a notice of renewal along with an invoice that needs to be paid if the domain is to continue to be maintained in its current state. The majority of the time, the price that is displayed on the renewal invoice will be the same as the price that was paid initially for the domain registration. The only exception to this is in the event that the Domain Name was purchased with any kind of promotional period.


The free domain registration and transfer service is only provided for specific Top Level Domains or Domain Extensions, and only for those Top Level Domains or Domain Extensions that are registered or transferred in conjunction with one of the Web Hosting Packages that we provide. In other words, in order for a customer to register a free domain name, the customer must first purchase a web hosting package. This is the only way in which this is feasible. At this time, we include free Domain Registration and Domain Transfer with any Web Hosting Plan that is ordered from us.


The add-on service known as "privacy protection," which we make available to our customers, will, as its name suggests, protect the personal information of domain owners. When registering a domain name, the owner of the domain name is typically required to provide personally identifying information in the form of contact data. This is standard procedure for all domain names. When someone does a WHOIS lookup for the Domain Name, such information becomes available to the general public. Nevertheless, if our customers purchase the Privacy Protection add-on service, we will substitute our customers' personally identifiable information with placeholder information that will link the domain name to our company. This makes it possible for any emails that are addressed to the domain owner based on the personal details contained in the WHOIS record to be routed to the actual concealed address of our customer without revealing that address to spammers or other users who may use it for malicious purposes.


The process of transferring a domain to RAH Hosting is really simple. You must, of course, become familiar with the guidelines for play before you can begin. The regulations that must be followed for a successful domain transfer are primarily dependant on the transferred top-level domain (TLD) or domain extension. Nevertheless, these are some of the most frequent ones:  

1. The status of the transferred domain name should be either ACTIVE or OK in order for the transfer to be successful.

2. The email address that is used for the Administrative Contact on the domain should be made available to the customer.

3. It is necessary for the customer to have the EPP transfer code, which can be acquired from the existing registrar of the Domain Name.

4. The domain name must have been registered for at least sixty days at this point.

5. It is important that the Domain Name's expiration date be more than fifteen days following the day a customer requests the transfer of their domain name.

6. If you conduct a WHOIS search, you should be able to view the personally identifiable information associated with the transferred domain name. In other words, privacy protection services should not be enabled.


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